Can't get your children to mind?

Can't stop fussing at them?

Feel like they rarely listen?

From years of clinical experience, it has become very clear to me that adjustments in parenting (even small adjustments) can make a big difference in how a child or teenager acts at home, at school, among peers, etc. So the key point of intervention from my experience is without question the parent. If you are willing to open up and find out how you, the parent, can change for the sake of your child, then parenting help may be a good fit for you in terms of how to best change your child's behavior.

My style of parenting help is not one of giving advice on child-rearing; rather, I will help you by way of self-reflection to better connect with and tune in to your child or teen. This in turn will bring about positive changes in your child's behavior because you will be intervening with them differently than you have up until now.

Enjoying your child or teen most of the time rather than resenting them or being annoyed by them is possible. 

If you have questions you can request a free phone consultation by emailing me, or you can schedule an appointment by calling 972-934-1485.  

For some tips on parenting, please see these parenting articles...

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